Youth Program

Learn quick facts about our Youth Program:

  • For dancers ages 8-10

  • Dancers who will turn 11 at the beginning/middle of their incoming season will be considered for either the Pre-Pro Program or the Youth Program, at the behest of the directors. 

  • There is no formal audition for the Youth Program, but we do screen Y.P. dancers (through our online Video Audition Form) to ensure they have the potential to eventually transition into our Pre-Pro Program. 

  • At least one day per week, Youth Program dancers take class with our Pre-Pro dancers.

  • CANVAS, our summer intensive program, and other in-house intensives, are mandatory for Y.P. dancers. 


  • Youth Program dancers participate in the same regional and national events as our Pre-pro dancers. companyONE typically participates in 3 top-tier conventions and one regional competition each season

  • Youth Program dancers are eligible for solos, duets/trios/groups, at the behest of the directors. 

  • Group casting is not done separately from the Pre-pro Program. Y.P. dancers are eligible to be in the same groups as the Pre-Pro dancers.