January 26, 2018

As a parent, do you ever sit back and say to yourself, what is it that I want for my child? How many of you have children in sports-related programs and want them to make it on the team, get a scholarship or become a professional in their chosen activity? Sometimes, we need to acknowledge that regardless of whether they become any of these things, there is one thing that our children need beyond our sensitive, comforting and sometimes enabling environment: leadership.


At times throughout my journey with my children, I failed to realize this and continued down a path of so-called "adolescent destruction." In doing so, I worried too much about what was good for me rather than what was good for them. I would try to explain what they did right or wrong on the car ride home from a game or practice. I would even sometimes show them videos of where I thought they should have "gone around the goal a certain way to score," etc. Sports soon fell by the wayside though, and shortly thereafter, three out of my four children (so far) wanted to dance! “Dance?” I thought. I know nothing about dance—besides a little meringue I do when I go to my yearly union convention in Puerto Rico. How would I be able to help them now? How would I be able to use my experiences from playing sports to help better their dancing?


Then, a light bulb went off in my head: none of this was really about me. It was about them! I realized that my experiences in sports really didn't matter. The real priority for me was to make sure that regardless of what they chose to do, they were under good leadership and coaching in whatever it was they were doing... that's it! Nothing else except that mattered because that is the one element, no matter what sport or activity they participated in, they needed to have more than anything. If they did not have strong leadership guiding them, the experience would not be the same, and their life lessons would be altered.


At this moment, the leaders in our children's lives, through dance, are true leaders! Steven and Thomas are true leaders because they are made up of numerous elements that I have personally analyzed and experienced time after time last year and this year. They both take on many roles which all come together cohesively. One position that's often overlooked is that of serving as a coach or instructor. If you've ever played or trained under a great coach or instructor, you already understand how vast his/her influence can be. It is so important that you know what we have at companyONE.


They both inspire our children and permit them to succeed, knowing how to help them reach their potential by communicating with wisdom. As coaches and leaders, they have exceptional communication skills. Their words make people sit up, listen and feel inspired to act.


They also teach our children to value collaboration in addition to individual achievement. I have witnessed Thomas and Steven encouraging others to make mistakes and take bold moves, helping them understand that nothing significant was ever achieved by not being courageous. They embrace diversity in hopes of making these young minds understand and take to heart the value of individuality. These two gentlemen see our children’s unrealized potential. And more importantly, they help our children see it for themselves — which is something you can never put a price tag on. They have accumulated so many resources that our kids now have access to and have tapped into their extensive network, both within and outside their program.


In short, they help our children learn to be their best! That is what leadership is all about!


I can honestly say that I thank God that my children auditioned for companyONE. It has been among the most important risks they’ve ever taken. And now, I sit back, let them have fun, knowing well that their growth is spearheaded by great leaders with great minds who share the same values that we instill in our children at home.

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