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March 11, 2017

Ahhh the memories of competition weekends…red lips, hairpins, and hairspray everywhere.  Parents rushing to the dressing room to help their children change into the next costume (for a dance that’s on stage in 30 seconds!).  High pitched screams of support coming from the minis in the audience and “WERK!” yelled loudly from family members anxiously awaiting the next performance.  Wouldn’t you do it all over again if you could? 

I vividly remember the first time Thomas performed a jazz solo at a competition.  The routine was to James Browns’ “Super Bad” and Thomas was so nervous.  Although, he had competed previously with a tap solo, he was feeling first time jitters for his jazz number.  Prior to taking the stage, we ran through his routine a few times in the wings and I did my best to assure him that he would be great.  A few moments later he took the stage and gave an incredible performance! 


In a few short days Thomas will experience a new, and potentially similarly unnerving feeling as he leads companyONE into their first competition.  But he was made for this.  While still a young man, Thomas has spent what seems like a lifetime instructing, mentoring and connecting with dancers of all different ages and levels of technique.  He has progressed from making up dances in his bedroom (when we thought the floor was going to cave in), to choreographing routines for dance studios before reaching his pre-teenage years, to now traveling the country as a highly sought after choreographer.  His creativity seems to only grow exponentially with time and never ceases to amaze.  Thomas has dreamed of and prepared for this moment his entire life and I am so happy that his dream is coming true. 


This first competition for companyONE also marks the beginning of countless memories that this team, the parents and Thomas and Steven will make together.  It will serve as a foundation for the development and maturation of new bonds, as teammates cheer each other on and support each other through their own first time jitters.  This competition will breed inside jokes that only the team will understand and pictures that will be cherished forever (well maybe not forever if they’re on SnapChat).  Perhaps best of all, this weekend will bring a sense of achievement to companyONE as the benefits of all their hard work become more and more tangible. 


As one of Thomas’ big sisters, I speak for our entire family when I say that we are extremely proud of what he and Steven have accomplished with companyONE.  Congratulations to Thomas, Steven and companyONE for making it to this point.  Embrace these new and exciting moments that you will undoubtedly never forget.  We know that you are all incredibly talented and will achieve much success!  Reach for the stars!

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