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November 4, 2016

A former ballet teacher of mine had this way of turning corrections into wisdom.


"Stand in your truth," she once said to our class, meaning we should work through our best personal turnout instead of forcing our feet to 180 degrees. Knowing her cleverness, she paused shortly and finished, "Yes, your truth, stand in it. That's sound life advice, too. Okay, here we go. Music!"


And that was that.


In the moment, I heard her; over the years, I have learned to listen. Now those words are a kind of mantra, a clear reminder of how to discover and be my best self. It only seems fitting I share this in the hopes that you will find your own platform from which to soar...


“Stand in your truth.”


Be honest about who you are and know you are enough. Do this in spite of a world that may try to convince you otherwise and regardless of what others might think or say. It is likely those who attempt to lessen you are struggling with their own fears and insecurities.


"Stand in your truth."


Trust in your voice, speaking kindly and confidently for the people you love, the values you hold, and the story you have to tell. Your courage in doing so might empower someone else to break silence.


"Stand in your truth."


Stay inspired by others' accomplishments, celebrate them! The success of others is not your failure; it is evidence of possibility. Be encouraged and steadfast in the pursuit of what is right for YOU. Remember, you are not measured by your ability to win someone else's race.


"Stand in your truth."


Learn patience with yourself. Your beautiful journey is one of transformation, requiring time and development. A caterpillar would die trying to fly. He must first nurture and strengthen himself if he is to grow wings. So it is with your growth, each stage being a valuable moment to shape your body, mind, and spirit. Acknowledge where you are in preparation for where you want to be.


"Stand in your truth."


Your truth is unique, worthy of your honor and commitment. It is your state of being, with all its varying levels, layers, and emotions. It is your thoughts, opinions, beliefs. It is both where you have come from, your history, and where you are going, your aspirations. Abandoning this would be a disservice to yourself and robs those around you of that certain something only you can share, your very own special hue. So stand there, my friends, right smack-dab in the middle of your truth, and help us color the world.

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