Our dancers study a comprehensive curriculum that emphasizes the importance of versatility, technical proficiency and artistic development. 

A dancer's weekly schedule may include:


Our ballet classes follow a traditional ballet class progression (starting at the barre and moving to center combinations). Emphasis is put on weaving the technique into the muscles & minds of the students.


Our contemporary classes focus on task-based improvisation methods, varying contemporary techniques and emotional & intellectual expression.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes explore a number of hip hop movement styles. Students also learn about aspects of hip hop history and culture that are relevant to the movement.


Our jazz classes combine modern and ballet techniques with dynamic movement and/or theatre jazz vocabulary. Jazz classes also develop jumps/turns skills.

Musical Theatre

Our musical theatre classes explore a number of theatre dance styles (Bob Fosse, Jerome Robbins, Jack Cole, etc.) and emphasize the importance of character development through movement and nuance.

Stretch + Conditioning

Our stretch + conditioning classes incorporate floor barre, ballet, modern and conditioning exercises to increase flexibility and control of the body.


Our tap classes teach students to use their bodies as percussive instruments. Students learn to articulate melodic, shaded and well-timed rhythms. Students learn rhythm tap and theatre tap techniques.


Our pointe classes include pre-pointe and pointe work at the barre and center.